Hello! I’m Lindsey Shriner, Pacific City resident and new(ish) Kiawanda Community Center Board member. Five and a half years ago, my partner Conner and I left our homes in Indiana to create a life here. It was luck that landed us here, but the love we have developed for this area has made it hard to imagine a life away from this community.

Pacific City is a Magical Place Yoga Pacific City

Pacific City, as fellow residents surely know, is a magical place. There’s just something going on here that’s got a spell on us. The peace and beauty found here are on another level. The friendships are real and meaningful.  After traveling a bit more in our earlier years, we settled in and bought our first house in town in January. It feels so good to be here enjoying life every day, slowing down to the pace of Pacific City.

Deepening Connections through Yoga Classes

I joined the board in June, looking to deepen my connection with the community and hopefully invite others to do the same via the KCC. For me, my favorite activity that the KCC offers is Yoga with Dawn. She just expanded her class times to Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 9 AM.

Lovely Yoga Class LeaderYoga Kiawanda Community Center

Aside from leading a phenomenal flow each time, Dawn is so lovely to be around, and I’ve met and created friendships with numerous community members through her classes. There’s no better way to start a day than in that beautiful space, flowin’ with others.

Yoga Classes or Not, Come See Us

Yoga or not, I’d love to see the KCC be that space for people to come together and hang out. COVID-19 has thwarted some (all?) of our plans to host community gatherings, but our spirits remain high and hopeful for fun in the future. When the pandemic allows, what would you like to see the KCC offer? What does our community center look like for you? Please email us at kiawandacc@gmail.com with your thoughts!

Magical Rainbows

On my morning beach walk with my pup Rosie, the most insane rainbow developed.  The sun was coming up, but it was dark over the ocean, illuminating this bright, distinct rainbow. It was so beautiful, and I couldn’t stop looking at it. It lasted a while, eventually completing its arc from the top of the dune, over the rock, and dumping into the ocean. Some guy I came across remarked, “If only everyone in this country could be here seeing this, things might be a little more peaceful, right?” I’m incredibly grateful for mornings like these and for rainbows to bring us together, not push us apart.


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