1.   Alcohol may be served, provided that all OLCC requirements are met. Renter takes full legal responsibility as host of the event. Renter agrees to indemnify KCC and hold the Center harmless from any and all liability arising from serving or sale of alcohol on the premises. During all events, OLCC guidelines must be followed accordingly and renter needs to contact OLCC to verify requirements for their particular event. Alcohol must be consumed inside the building only. Liqueur Liability Event Insurance is required if you provide alcohol at your event. A liability certificate with Kiawanda Community Center as Additional Insured is required before the start of your event.
  2. If food will be served, it is the responsibility of the customer to meet all health codes and licensing requirements. The customer takes full responsibility as host of the event. The customer agrees to indemnify KCC and hold the Center harmless from any and all liability arising from serving or sale of food items on the premises. KCC does not provide foil, plastic wrap, or “To Go” containers. You will need to supply Tupperware, foil, and plastic to wrap and take leftover food and provide utensils, knives and other supplies needed for serving your guests.
  3. Children are always to be supervised and are not allowed in other areas of the building that are not included in the rental agreement. Customers are responsible for all damage done by children and/or minors who attend their events.
  4. Guests are to use only the area(s) reserved in the rental agreement. The use of the additional area(s) may be added to the contract if available at the time of your event.
  5. KCC items being rented and used for your event are for use in the KCC facility and must remain on KCC property at all times. The rental of KCC items does not give you access for removal and/or use offsite (such as chairs, tables, decorations, linens, etc.)
  6. No tape, nails or adhesives are to be used on the walls or ceilings anywhere in the Center. 3M hooks may be considered if appropriate and need express permission by KCC management.
  7. KCC is a candle-free facility. LED candles are permitted. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  8. Fog machines are not permitted. It is your responsibility to tell your DJ or live musicians. This rule will be strictly enforced. KCC’s Fire Suppression System is very sensitive. The fog is registered as smoke and sets off the fire alarm. The system is set to register heat before turning on the sprinklers. We’ve had (2) wedding receptions disrupted due to fog. The alarm went off, the Fire Department was notified and the building had to be evacuated for 30-45 minutes while the Fire Department provided their mandatory inspection. Both weddings ended during the evacuation as most people used that time to say goodbye and left the event.
  9. For safety purposes, all marked “Exit” doors, throughout the building, must remain unobstructed by tables, booths, and other event items. Hallways must always maintain clear walkways.
  10. KCC is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted in the designated area at the NW corner of the paved parking lot.
  11. Barbeques are permitted on both the North and South patio (i.e. outside the Faye Jensen Hall and the North Hall).
  12. All activity, including tear-down, clean-up and vacating the building, must be completed by 11:00 pm. The KCC is situated in a residential neighborhood and we strive to be a great neighbor. 
  13. Pets are not allowed in the building, except for service animals that perform a specific and necessary job in accordance with the “U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section”. Copy of U.S. Department of Justice documents will be made available upon request.
  14. Overnight camping is not allowed.
  15. Non-occupied vehicles may remain in the parking lot overnight by obtaining a $10.00 Parking Permit from KCC. Signs are posted on the property that allows KCC to tow vehicles without a proper permit. KCC has no desire to tow vehicles. Staff, volunteers, tenants, and customers need access to parking for day-to-day operations and for ongoing events. Permits are provided at the front desk & are distributed based on such needs. The “Parking Permit” also provides KCC with contact information for vehicles left on our property in the event of an emergency. We ask that motor homes not park in our lots during events.